Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three of Pentacles

Today I pulled the Three of Pentacles from the Bohemian Gothic. Frankenstein stands apparently looking out a window. His hand reaches up to feel the connections at his neck. He seems somewhat lost and bewildered. "What is happening to me? There is a strangenss to my exisitance. I am here and alive and yet something is not quite as it should be."

The creator stands in the back ground. He has been speaking and expressing himself with a flourish. The creator is pleased with what he has done. Pleased with his accomplishments. Does he consider the feelings of his creation, his "child?" Is he even aware of the emotional and intellectual capcity of his creation?

They are surrounded by the trapping of knowledge. Books and items used to explore the world of science. What do they choose to do with this knowledge? Is the pursuit of knowledge the most important thing? Why or Why not?

What is this card saying to me at this time in my life? I am pursuing knowdge. Am I tempering the pursuit of knowledge of the world and the arcane with knowledge of self? I believe I am striving to stike a balance. I have received recognition from others for my creative endeavors and have attempted to share my skills through teaching others.

In looking at this card I feel the message is that I need to delve deeper into the area of self discovery.

In comparison, the Three of Pentacles in the Victorian Romantic shows an older craftsperson making toys for the children who watch enthralled. He is very adept at his craft and enjoys sharing with the children. Perhaps he will teach them. Maybe take them on as apprentices. The old sharing with the young.

This card makes me think about the young people who have asked me to mentor them. Share what I know in a companionable way. Safety first as the knife is sharp.

Tother the cards seem to say to me, share your knowledge. Don't be to full of yourself. Be humble as a child.

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